airport katowice Katowice regional airport is third in the countrywhen taking into account general number of users. The airport is located near the town named Pyrzowice, approx. thirty km to the Katowice’s city centre. It’s got two terminals which can handle over 3,6mln people per year. The cheap companies became the business partners with Pyrzowice in 2003. Since this time, the radical growth in the amount of flights can be observed.

There are 2 really positive facts about Katowice’s airport – it’s got the most charter connections in Poland and, simultaneously, it is the quickest improving airport in Poland. The biggest amount of connections are controlled by the Hungarian airline – Wizz Air. The are trying to develop its connections by providing Katowice airport transfers with other places in the country.

A direct connection between Katowice and Pyrzowice is definitely the most important improvement.A 24km railway is definitely going to be a good solution for the problem of transport in the South Poland.