Auschwitz concentration campPlace recollects the sufferers of the holocaust huge wipeout during the World War the second. The museum is located in Oświęcim, in Malopolska voivodeship and includes two concentration camps: Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Birkenau. The Museum was established in 1947 and is housed in a few genuine locations. The whole field lies on nearly 200 hectars.

What you should see to be exhibited there are moreover genuine road, the ramp, the railing but also some diverse archives and traces of the convicts’ existence and pain including the objects of every day procedure for example shoes, purses and so on.

At present, the institution shows the permanent exposition as well as the temporary ones giving honour to the history of those who were murdered there and were coming from different countries. The Auschwitz Birkenau museum and memorial is watched by clusters of people every year.