krakow zakopane Zakopane is a stunning mountainous town titled the Polish winter center. Settled on the southern part of Poland can be found in the vicinity of the boundary with Slovakia. It’s not far away from the Krakow region – you can come there in 2 hours.

Owing to its localisation in the valley between Tatra Mountains and Gubałowka Hill it is undoubtedly the Polish main key point of skiing as well as mountaineering. The most popular and also most frequently accessed skiing resorts are Kasprowy Wierch, Gubałowka Hill and also Nosal.

In this pleasing resort, tourists may also observe the significance of the Polish highlander’s taste and customs when you take a travel on the Krupowki street where you could acquire plenty of local tokens. Once you are in Zakopane don’t forget to savor popular oscypek – you will love it.

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